Thursday, June 7, 2012

Things I LOVE!!!

Well, today was Timmy's last day as a third grader! He's so excited about summer vacation and being a fourth grader. I'm wishing time would slow down!!! They grow up so fast! But I am looking forward to easier days and catching up with my online friends. The last couple months I've spent more time than usual volunteering at Timmy's school. I help with the kindergarteners, they are so cute! It was sad to say bye to them for the summer and as they gave me a hug I held back the tears. They were all so sweet!!! But I'm thankful that I can spend time with my son and look forward to our Adventures.

Since I have our Adventure's heavy on my mind, as I look through the ETSY shops I can't help but be attractive to this site!
Ipad Continents cross body bag handbag, beige fabric, long strap lined handbag zip fastening mostly these great travel themed handbags! This one in particular!! I think it will be perfect for everything I love to have in my bag; sketchbook, tablet, and camera!  There is a couple other handbags with fantastic graphics and colors that are also in my favorites, like an outer space themed I just have to pick which one I want!!! decisions~decisions!

Check out her lovely Cross Body bags! She also makes Handbags and Kindle/Nook cases!!! Go and explore...get lost in all the goodness!!!

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